XXXIX ciclo Diletta Chirici


1st year

Curriculum: Agricultural and Forest Engineering

Supervisors: Proff. Daniele Penna, Luca Mao, Luca Solari


Office address:  Via San Bonaventura 13, 50145, Firenze

Mobile phone:   


I hold Bachelor degrees in Political Sciences (25 june 2015) and Forestry Sciences (20 dec. 2018), and a Master degree in Sciences and Technologies of Forestry Systems (110/110 cum laude, 14 oct. 2020).
Currently I’m a PhD student in Sustainable Management of Agricultural, Forestry, and Food Resources.

Research interests and PhD project

My research interests consist in the analysis of sources, drivers, and spatial and temporal patterns of suspended sediment in mountain streams.
My PhD program is part of the highly-multidisciplinary project “TRANSFORM - A new interdisciplinary approach to advance understanding of sediment and large wood TRANSport in FORested Mountain catchments”, which focuses on the transport of large wood, bedload sediment, and suspended sediment in forested mountain streams.

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