XXXVIII ciclo Emanuele Giachi


2nd year

Curriculum: Agricultural and Forest Engineering

Supervisor: Prof. Federico Preti

Email: emanuele.giachi

Office address: Via San Bonaventura 13, 50145 Firenze

Mobile phone:  +39  3465831729


I’m Emanuele Giachi, I was born on 13/09/1995 in Florence. I hold a bachelor’s degree in Forest and Enviromental Science and a Master’s degree in Science and Technology of Forestry Systems (109/110 Press Dignity) , from the University of Florence, discussing a thesis on Soil and Water Bioengineering techniques to restore the balance of the riverbed and to check the quality of the watercourse.

I participate to the Erasmus+ Traineeship project, for a period of 3 months at University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (BOKU),in Vienna, where I took part of practical courses on SWB techniques. After my master graduation, I acquired 2 years of work experience specialising on landscape and forestry management hydraulic risk , working as a freelance in hydraulic and forestry technical offices.

Research interests and PhD project

My research interests focus on Soil and Water Bioengineering (SWB) techniques, Nature Based Solutions (NBS) for landscape and water management and how SWB and NBS techniques contribute to ecological and biodiversity aspects of habitats. In particular, my PhD research investigates biodiversity and ecological indicators related to SWB and NBS interventions, with the aim of reconciling enviromental recovery with natural hazard mitigation.

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