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DAGRI - Dottorato di Ricerca in Gestione Sostenibile delle Risorse Agrarie, Forestali e Alimentari

XXXVII ciclo Claudia Rorandelli


1st year

Curriculum: Food Science and Technology

Supervisor: Prof.ssa  Sara Spinelli e
Prof. Erminio Monteleone


Office address: Via Donizetti, 6 - 50144 Firenze

Mobile phone: +39 3341074018


Claudia Rorandelli (born in Florence on 25/07/1995) holds a Bachelor’s degree in Food Technology and a Master’s degree in Food Science and Technology (110/110 cum laude) both from the University of Florence. Currently she is a PhD research fellow at the SensoryLab to research on food preferences, taste acuity and health.

Research interests and PhD project

Her main research interests deal with the study of consumers food preferences and acceptability, taste acuity and health. In particular she studies individual differences and alterations in vulnerable populations (i.e. cancer patients, children, elderly people), in order to create ad hoc food products that could contribute to the establishment of a healthy diet.



ultimo aggiornamento: 09-Dic-2021
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