XXXVII ciclo Carolina Perna


3rd year

Curriculum: Agricultural and Forest Engineering

Supervisor: Prof. Daniele Sarri


Office address: piazzale delle Cascine 15, 50144 Firenze

Mobile phone: +39 3404837945


I am Carolina Perna, born in Florence on 14 of September 1993. I graduated at the University of Florence where I obtained a bachelor’s degree in agricultural science and a Master's degree in agricultural sciences and technologies (curriculum: precious vegetable production).  During my studies I travelled to Uruguay thanks to Unifi International Programs. I’m as well a young farmer, managing the family farm, on the hills of Scandicci (FI). My passion regards music (I’m currently studying guitar), books and GDR games (I found gamification techniques very interesting in managing some aspect of work and research).

Research interests and PhD project

My research interests deal with olive cultivation and preservation, new technologies for agriculture and olive production, as IOT and Precision Agriculture, as well as new technologies for work safety in agriculture. My PhD focus on Precision Agriculture and digitalization techniques in olive production in order enhance olive sector productivity.


  • Daniele Sarri, Stefania Lombardo, Andrea Pagliai, Carolina Perna, Riccardo Lisci, Valentina De Pascale, Marco Rimediotti, Guido Cencini and Marco Vieri, Smart Farming Introduction in Wine Farms: A Systematic Review and a New Proposal, September 2020, Sustainability 12(17):7191, DOI: 10.3390/su12177191,, License: CC BY 4.0
  • Stefania Lombardo, Daniele Sarri, Carolina Perna, Andrea Pagliai, Valentina De Pascale, Guido Cencini, Riccardo Lisci, Marco Rimediotti, Marco Vieri. Reliability of new technologies: local ecosystem readiness level, a composite index. Precision agriculture ’21, EditorJohn V. Stafford, Published: 2021  Pages: 984 , eISBN: 978-90-8686-916-9 | ISBN: 978-90-8686-363-1,, Book Type: Conference Proceedings, Pages: 753-759,

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