Alessandro Errico


PhD Dissertation: 29/03/2017

Curriculum: Agro-Forestry Engineering

Supervisor: Prof. Federico Preti


Office address: via San Bonaventura 13, 50145 Firenze

Phone Mobile: +39 3283912265


Alessandro Errico achieved a Doctorate in Sustainable management of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Systems at the University of Florence, with a thesis titled “The effect of flexible vegetation on flow in drainage channels. Field surveys and modelling for roughness coefficients estimation”. He holds a Bachelor degree in Forestry Sciences and a master degree in Agricultural Science and Technology. He is now working at the GESAAF department of Florence as research fellow. He also works as consultant for river managers, farms and forest owners.

Research interests and PhD project

His research focus on describing the flow dynamics in vegetated channels, for addressing effective and sustainable management of flood risk in vegetated streams. With other research teams he is involved in studies about the role of agriculture in soil protection, focusing on traditional and innovative practices such as dry-stone wall terracing and bioengineering techniques.

Conference talks and seminars

  • Errico A., Giambastiani Y., Guastini E., Dani A. -“Monitoring of a landslide stabilized with bioengineering techniques in 1997, northern Tuscany. Vegetation development analysis and state of preservation of wood”; Poster, Vienna ,EGU 2014;
  • Agnoletti M., Emanueli F.,Errico A., Maggiari G., Santoro A., Preti F. - “Terracing and hydrogeological risk. A study of the environmental disaster of 25 October 2011 in Cinque Terre”; poster, Vienna, EGU 2015;
  • Preti F., Boaga J., Caruso M., Cassiani G., Dani A., Deiana R., Errico A., Guastini E., Romano N., Tarolli P. - “Agricultural terraces monitoring and modeling: a field survey in Chianti region, Firenze, Italy”; poster, Vienna, EGU 2015;
  • Cibecchini D., Aminti G., Antonello L., Bracalini M., Cambi M., Carrari E., Croci F., Errico A., Foderi C., Frassinelli N., Giambastiani Y., Giannetti F., Iacobelli S., Laschi A., Racanelli V., Sassoli M., Migliorini D “Unusual meteorological phenomena: Vallombrosa forest windthrow caused by the storm of March 5th, 2015. Analyses and evaluations”, Atti del convegno SISEF 2015, Firenze.
  • Errico A., Solari L., Giannecchini L., Orlandi F., Preti F. - “The effect of flexible vegetation on flow in drainage channels – field surveys in different growth conditions”, poster atti del convegno Wood in World Rivers 2015, Padova, 6-10 Luglio 2015;
  • ErricoA., GiannettiF., Pasquino V., Giannecchini L., Solari L., Chirici G., Preti F. - The effect of flexible vegetation on flow in drainage channels – field surveys for roughness coefficients estimation; poster e conference proceedings, Idra16, Bologna.


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