2023: The PhD candidate Margarita Kokkorou won the Giract Best PhD Thesis Award for 1st year PhD Students. Giract Award is an innovative programme to promote flavor research amongst PhD students in Europe across various universities and institutes, sponsored by Givaudan, Kerry, Lesaffre International, Lallemand and PepsiCo. Link  

(ps. il link è ripetuto 2 volte, uno va tolto)


2022: The PhD candidate Margarita Kokkorou won the PhD pitches in 180 seconds context at the International Conference on Culinary Arts and Sciences 2022 Lyon, France


2022: The PhD candidate Claudia Rorandelli won the SISS & Adacta International Award in memory of Annalisa Intermoia Young Researchers with the contribution "Evaluation of PROP status in remote conditions using solutions and paper disks".



2022: The PhD candidates Angelica Lippi and Julia Sick were awarded the SISS Young Researchers Award 2022 for their contributions presented at the VII National Conference of the Italian Sensory Science Society


2020: The PhD candidate Julia Sick was awarded with the E3S Eurosense Student Awards (European Sensory Science Society) at the Eurosense 2020 with the contribution: Sick J., Monteleone E., & Spinelli, S.,  Development of an emoji-based self-report measurement tool to measure emotions elicited by foods in pre-adolescents Link  

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