Publications of our PhDs

Among the numerous publications of IAF curriculum PhDs', here you find only those ones that are: a) on international journals, b) not older than three years, c) with student as first author or, d) with student as corresponding author (*). The complete lists are available on


Rillo Migliorini Giovannini M., Dani A., Saracino R., Signorile A. and Preti F., 2023. Hydraulic Roughness Estimation Induced by Riparian Vegetation in Tuscany Rivers for Management Purposes. Book Chapter in V. Ferro et al. (eds.), AIIA 2022: Biosystems Engineering towards the Green Deal, Lecture Notes in Civil Engineering 337. Springer Nature.

Renzi, N.Villani, L., Haddad, M., Strohmeier, S., el Din, M., Al Widyan, J., Bresci, E., & Castelli, G., 2023. Modeling-based performance assessment of an indigenous macro-catchment water harvesting technique (Marab) in the Jordanian Badia. Land Degradation & Development, 34(17), 5191-5206.

Perna, C., Sarri, D., Pagliai, A., Priori, S., Vieri, M., 2023. Assessment of Soil and Vegetation Index Variability in a Traditional Olive Grove: A Case Study. In: Ferro, V., Giordano, G., Orlando, S., Vallone, M., Cascone, G., Porto, S.M.C. (eds) AIIA 2022: Biosystems Engineering Towards the Green Deal. AIIA 2022. Lecture Notes in Civil Engineering, vol. 337. Springer, Cham.

Perna C., Sarri, D., Luglio, S.M., Lisci, R., Vieri, M., 2023. Evaluating multispectral responses of an olive tree canopy at different heights using ground-vehicle-mounted proximal sensing. In: Precision Agriculture ’23 Conference Proceedings (pag: 976-986). ISBN: 978-90-8686-947-3, ISBN: 978-90-8686-393-8



Villani, L., Castelli, G., Sambalino, F., Almeida, L. A., & Bresci, E. ,2022. Reprint of: Influence of trees on landscape temperature in semi-arid agro-ecosystems of East Africa. Biosystems Engineering, 223, 209-223.

Forzini, E., Piemontese, L., Bresci, E., Barthod, B., Bielser, F., Sylvestre, M., Adhikari, N., Pun, S., Castelli, G., 2022. Identification of suitable sites for traditional pokhari water harvesting in mountain rural communities of the Himalaya. Hydrology Research 1 November 2022; 53 (11): 1340–1356. doi:

Villani, L., Castelli, G., Piemontese, L., Penna, D., & Bresci, E., 2022. Drought risk assessment in Mediterranean agricultural watersheds: A case study in Central Italy. Agricultural Water Management, 271, 107748.

Fabiani, G., Penna, D., Barbeta, A., Klaus, J., 2022. Sapwood and heartwood are not isolated compartments: Consequences for isotope ecohydrology. Ecohydrology 15.

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Guerrini, L., Corti, F.*, Masella, P., Calamai, L., Angeloni, A., Spadi, A., Zanoni, B., Parenti, A., 2022. Cross-batch contamination in a continuous horizontal decanter centrifuge during virgin olive oil production. European Journal of Lipid Science and Technology, 2200174, 1-7.

Corti, F., Zanoni, B., Parenti, A., Masella, P., Breschi, C., Angeloni, G., Spadi, A., Guerrini, L., 2022. A methodological approach to estimate the overall heat transfer coefficient in olive paste malaxers. Journal of Food Engineering, 343, 111377.

Corti, F., Parenti, A., Cecchi, L., Mulinacci, N., Masella, P., Angeloni, G., Spadi, A., Zanoni, B., Calamai, L., Guerrini, L., 2022. Effect of facilitated harvesting and fruit cooling on extra virgin olive oil quality. La Rivista Italiana delle Sostanze Grasse, 99(33), 211-224.

Guerrini, L., Corti, F.*, Angeloni, G., Masella, P., Spadi, A., Calamai, L., Parenti, A., 2022. The effect of destemming/ crushing, and pressing conditions in rosé wine production. Australian Journal of Grape and Wine Research, 2022, 1-14.



Villani, L., Castelli, G., Sambalino, F., Almeida, L. A., & Bresci, E., 2021. Influence of trees on landscape temperature in semi-arid agro-ecosystems of East Africa. Biosystems Engineering, 212, 185–199.

Pagliai A., Sarri D., Lisci R., Lombardo S., Vieri M., Perna C., Cencini G., De Pascale V.and Araújo E Silva Ferra G., 2021. Development of an algorithm for assessing canopy volumes with terrestrial LiDAR to implement precision spraying in vineyards. Agronomy Research 20(2), 389–403, 2022,

Guerrini, L., Corti, F.*, Cecchi, L., Mulinacci, N., Calamai, L., Masella, P., Angeloni, G., Spadi, A., Parenti, A., 2021. Use of refrigerated cells for olive cooling and short-term storage: Qualitative effects on extra virgin olive oil. International Journal of Refrigeration, 127, 59-68.

Ferrari, P., Ulrika, A., Barbari, M., 2021. Analysis of Housing Risk Factors for the Welfare of Lean and Heavy Pigs in a Sample of European Fattening Farms. Animals, 11, 3221.

Fabiani, G., Schoppach, R., Penna, D., & Klaus, J., 2021. Transpiration patterns and water use strategies of beech and oak trees along a hillslope. Ecohydrology, e2382.

Spadi, A., Angeloni, G., Guerrini, L., Corti, F., Michelozzi, M., Cencetti, G., Parenti, A., Masella, P., 2021. Using a Plackett–Burman design to maximise yield of rosemary essential oil by distillation. Industrial Crops and Products, 166, 113488.

Spadi, A., Angeloni, G., Guerrini, L., Corti, F., Parenti, A., Innocenti, M., Bellumori, M., Masella, P. 2021. Hydrodistillation of Coffee By-products to Recover of Bioactive Compounds: the Spent Coffee Ground and Coffee Silvers Skin Case-study. Chemical Engineering Transactions, 87, 313-318.



Maxwald M., Crocetti C., Ferrari R., Petrone A., Rauch H.P., Preti F., 2020. Soil and Water Bioengineering Applications in Central and South America: A Transferability Analysis. Sustainability: 12(24):10505.

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