Research interests

  • Agricultural and forestry mechanisation; engineering and mechanisations safety (prof. Marco Vieri)
  • Smart sustainable systems for animal housing; sustainable building techniques (prof. Matteo Barbari)
  • Innovative and sustainable systems for GHG monitoring in livestock farms (dott. Giuseppe Rossi)
  • Hillslope and catchment hydrology; forest and agricultural hydrology; ecohydrology (prof. Daniele Penna)
  • Water resources management under scarcity conditions; rainwater harvesting and soil and water conservation interventions as a strategy for climate change adaptation; assessment and quantification of ecosystem services; hydrology of semi-arid areas and drought analysis; socio-hydrological analysis related to food security (prof. Elena Bresci)
  • Slope stability and soil bioengineering; hydraulics of riparian vegetation; watershed management (prof. Elena Bresci)
  • Technologies and processes for the optimization of agricultural stages, precision farming (prof. Daniele Sarri)

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