The training programme consists of 180 ECTS: 150 dedicated to individual research training and 30 to courses. The latter include:

  • disciplinary and transversal  credits offered by the GeSoRAFA (18 ECTS);
  • complementary courses offered by the University of Florence (6 ECTS)
  • elective credits (6 ETCS).

All courses offered by GeSoRAFA are scheduled at first year.

University course are offered annually.  The acquisition of the elective credits in the second and third year is allowed.

Transversal courses offered GeSoRAFA PhD board are:

  • Gender equality in research (1ETCS);
  • Writing, publishing, presenting and searching scientific literature (3 ECTS);
  • Scientific Communication skills (2 ECTS);
  • Disciplinary courses common to all curricula include Environmental, Agricultural Forestry and Food Sustainability (2 ECTS);
  • Quality of life: (2 ECTS);
  • Artificial Intelligence and Innovation in Forestry, Agricultural and Food Systems (2 ECTS).

PhD students must register to two statistical courses and all courses have a “hands on”:

  • Introduction to “R” (2 ECTS) and
  • the advanced course “Multivariate Methods in Data Analysis (2 ECTS).

Further 2 compulsory ECTS vary across curricula. In addition to the disciplinary courses above each curriculum offers further 2 mandatory courses:

  • Approaching Food Systems Transition: theory, dynamics, R&I needs and gaps (ESVR);
  • Influences in food preference and choice (STA/ESVR);
  • Data Collection and Management (IAF/EPFSL);
  • Innovazione nell'impiantistica e ottimizzazione di processo (STA/IAF).


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