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DAGRI - Dottorato di Ricerca in Gestione Sostenibile delle Risorse Agrarie, Forestali e Alimentari

XXXIV ciclo: Julia Sick


3rd year

Curriculum: Food Science and Technology

Supervisor: Erminio Monteleone


Office address: Via Donizetti 6, 50144 Florence

Phone: +39 3895142609


Julia Sick holds a Bachelor´s degree in Biology from the University of Salzburg and a Master´s degree in Human Nutrition from the University of Copenhagen. She also worked as research assistant at the Department of Design & Consumer Behaviour and the Nordic Food Lab, University of Copenhagen. She contributed to the Danish project Taste for Life, where she researched on children´s food preferences and developed teaching material within home economics for primary schools. Currently, she is a PhD research fellow hosted at the SensoryLab to research on new approaches to promote healthy eating in children. 

Research interests and PhD project

Julia´s PhD programme is part of the European Union project EDULIA ( and focuses on the role of emotions, personality traits and sensory sensitivity in food preferences in preadolescents.


  • Olsen, A., Sick, J. C., Møller, P., & Hausner, H. (2019). No choice vs free choice: How serving situations influence pre-school children´s vegetable intake. Food Quality and Preference, 72.



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